How to Know If You Need a Root Canal

Drawing of an infected tooth receiving root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a restorative treatment designed to save an infected tooth. While root canals have a painful reputation, they actually work to alleviate the pain caused by tooth infection. So how will you know if you may need endodontic treatment? Here are a few warning signs to watch out for:

  1. Constant Pain
  2. One of the common signs you may need a root canal is constant pain. You may feel the pain in your tooth, your jaw, and/or your face. It may fade slightly at times but then come back. If you’re experiencing this persistent pain, call us immediately. Dr. Razmjou can determine the cause of the pain, whether an infection, gum disease, a damaged filling, tooth decay, or something else.

  3. Tooth Discoloration
  4. Gray of black tooth discoloration can be a sign you may need a root canal. Teeth can become discolored when infected or due to other damage.

  5. A Chipped or Cracked Tooth
  6. While minor chips can be merely superficial, serious cracks and breaks can impact the inner portion of your tooth, requiring root canal treatment. Cracks give oral bacteria the chance to penetrate the delicate inner pulp of your tooth, which can cause serious issues.

  7. Sensitivity to Heat or Cold
  8. Tooth sensitivity is another sign that you may need a root canal. If you feel a sharp pain when consuming hot or cold food, it can indicate that the pulp inside your tooth is inflamed.

What to Expect for a Root Canal Treatment

Once you’re in our office, we’ll take a dental X-ray and physically examine your tooth to determine whether endodontic treatment is necessary. If so, we’ll use anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Then, we’ll remove the infected pulp inside the tooth, apply medication, seal the tooth shut, and reinforce it with a dental crown.

To ask our team any additional questions about our restorative dental services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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Root canal therapy image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0