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Custom Mouthguards in Germantown, MD

At River Stone Dental Center, we always prefer helping patients prevent dental injuries instead of repairing damage to the teeth and gums whenever possible. In addition to offering custom athletic mouthguards and nightguards for bruxism and TMJ, we also provide nightguards for sleep apnea, which can help patients sleep better and feel better. To learn more about our services or schedule a consultation with our team, please contact us!

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How will I know if I need to wear a mouthguard?

If you are an athlete and you frequently participate in aggressive sports like football or soccer, determining whether or not you need an athletic mouthguard should be fairly easy. Getting a nightguard for sleep apnea, TMJ, or bruxism is not always as straightforward of a process. Sleep apnea treatment usually follows a diagnosis from a sleep doctor, while patients with TMJ or bruxism usually seek help due to chronic jaw pain. Bruxism and TMJ can also cause gum recession and tooth damage, and if we notice this during your routine visits, we can let you know and recommend a durable mouthguard to you.

How are custom mouthguards created?

To create the custom fit, our team will need to take impressions of your teeth. This is a quick process that can be done at the end of a routine visit, or we can schedule a short appointment for you. The impressions are then sent to an off-site lab, and our office will receive your mouthguard in a few weeks. Another quick appointment will be scheduled so that you can try on your new custom mouthguard and we can make any necessary adjustments and ensure that it fits properly. Then, you’re free to take it home and begin using it right away.

Is a custom mouthguard right for me?

Custom mouthguards are more of an investment than one-size mouthguards, but they are very durable and comfortable to wear for many hours at a time, making them a great choice for patients who need to wear a mouthguard or nightguard regularly. Mouthguards can also prevent irreversible dental damage, meaning they can essentially pay for themselves and save the patient time, pain, and money. If you have questions or concerns about financing your custom mouthguard, please feel free to visit our financial page or contact our team directly, and we will be happy to assist.

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