Make Yourself at Home at River Stone Dental

Our practice has been serving the residents of Germantown, MD and the surrounding areas for 30 years and counting! We are committed to helping our patients achieve not only optimal dental health, but also improved overall physical well-being. Dental care at our practice is efficient yet unhurried, top notch yet affordable, cutting edge yet understandable.

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Amenities for Your Comfort

Our office has been designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable from the time you walk in the door until you finish with your treatment.

  • Internet access
  • Netflix
  • TVs in private treatment rooms
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Ask us if there’s something we can do to make you more comfortable
dentist reviewing an x-ray with a patient

Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology to diagnose and treat dental issues allows us to provide the highest quality care. Not only are these methods more efficient but they are also more accurate which enhances your safety and overall experience. These advanced machines and tools are a major investment but our office is committed to providing our patients with the very best technology that the industry has to offer.

State-of-the-Art X-Rays

We are equipped to use both 3D and digital X-Ray images to help us make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment immediately. A 3D X-Ray provides a complete view of the patient’s mouth anatomy so we can see bones, soft tissues and nerve tracks. Digital X-Rays emit very little radiation and are a safe way to provide the images necessary to safeguard your dental health.


The DIAGNOdent pen is another tool in our arsenal that is used to detect cavities in early stages. It uses a non-invasive laser to identify contaminants inside the tooth’s surface. The earlier cavities are detected, the easier they are to treat and more of the tooth can be preserved.

Dental Lasers

We use both hard and soft tissue lasers to enhance patient comfort and allow for more precision in some procedures. For example, some types of oral surgery can be completed without drills or sutures and when treating cavities with a laser it is possible to save more of the healthy tooth. Soft tissue lasers are useful when treating gum disease or contouring gums. Because lasers can be less invasive, treatments are completed faster and the healing time is shorter too.

Isolite System

The Isolite is a moisture suction system that improves patient comfort and safety. It replaces the uncomfortable cotton rolls and reduces drooling and splashing.

Smile Preview Software

Do you wonder what you would look like with straighter teeth? Our smile preview software provides you with a digital photo of what your smile will look like after treatment. It’s a good way to help you make decisions about a variety of treatments.

In-House Crown Milling

Not only can you get a crown from River Stone Dental in one day, you can also rest assured that we have control of the quality from start to finish. We start with digital imaging used to design the crown then use precise machinery to mill it. Because it never leaves our sight, you can expect a custom crown that has a comfortable fit and natural look.

3D Printers

We have 4 in-house 3D printers that allow us to print a wide variety of dental restorations, including splints, dentures, clear aligners, and much more. By eliminating a lab in this process, we cut out wait times and have absolute control over your customized piece.