Restorative Services

Restorative Services

Even with good prevention there are times that teeth need a little help to get them fully functional and healthy again. Modern dentistry has made great strides when it comes to restorative procedures and there are so many options available today to replace or restore damaged teeth. The procedures are also much more comfortable thanks to technology and improved sedation.

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Composite Fillings

Most people eventually get a cavity and need to get a filling. We offer composite fillings which are made of natural, tooth-colored material that bond directly to your tooth. Old silver colored amalgam fillings often contained mercury and were very noticeable. Composite fillings blend in with your tooth’s natural color and allow more of your natural tooth to be preserved.

Same Day Dental Crowns

River Stone Dental has invested in technology that has taken the hassle out of getting a dental crown. Digital imaging has replaced messy impression trays. In-house precise milling has replaced crowns made by an outside lab. And when your crown is made while you relax in the dental chair, you can get it permanently and comfortably fitted in one visit. Anyone who has worn an uncomfortable temporary crown for several weeks will understand why we are so proud to offer this technology!

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Dental Bridges, Full & Partial Dentures

Missing teeth have a negative impact on your lifestyle in so many ways. Don’t suffer with a partial smile any longer! We offer so many solutions to missing teeth. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth or a string of teeth. Full and partial dentures can replace an entire palate of upper and/or lower teeth. We design bridges and dentures with comfort and aesthetics in mind. You can combine bridges and dentures with dental implants too!

Dental Implants

There are so many benefits to dental implants that we need a separate page to expound upon them. This restoration option is one of our favorites because of its versatility and success for our patients.

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Oral Surgery & Tooth Extractions

When you need oral surgery, it’s comforting to know your procedure can be performed by a dentist you already know and trust. We handle oral surgery in-house at River Stone Dental. Although we never want to extract a tooth if it can be saved, sometimes a tooth needs to come out due to damage or decay. Our team will also determine if you have wisdom teeth that will cause trouble if they aren’t removed. We also perform bone grafts when necessary to prepare for a dental implant or other procedure.

Endodontics/Root Canal Therapy

Ignore the bad jokes about root canal therapy. It may have been an unpleasant treatment years ago but now it is a routine, safe procedure that relieves tooth pain and saves a tooth.