Replacing Teeth with All-On-Fours

Illustration of a lower arch of dentures attaching to 4 dental implants as part of an All-On-Fours restorative procedure

If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth (top or bottom), you might think you’re only eligible for traditional dentures or individual dental implants. Instead of replacing every tooth with an implant, which is more expensive and invasive, we can place just four implants as part of our All-On-Fours restorative procedure. The small biocompatible titanium screws are surgically implanted in your jawbone, where they fuse with the bone in a process called osseointegration. Once you fully heal, your four implants can serve as a sturdy base for a full replacement arch!

Compatible with Jawbone Issues

Traditionally, if you had low jawbone density, you would most likely need a bone graft to support multiple implants. With All-On-Fours, however, you may not need bone grafts because your jaw only needs to support four implants instead of 6-8. This makes All-On-Fours a great choice for patients with diminished jawbone density.

Fast Healing

It can take a while to recover from traditional dental implants. With All-on-Fours, healing is faster! While the exact timeline depends on factors like your lifestyle and oral health, getting fewer implants usually means you experience faster healing. Mild swelling and bruising after surgery are normal. Over-the-counter pain medications, rest, and soft foods will make the process easier. Plus, we will provide detailed aftercare instructions.

Dental Implants at River Stone Dental in Germantown, MD

Do you have good oral health and need to replace an entire arch of teeth? You’re likely a good candidate for All-On-Fours! They’re a beneficial treatment for patients with reduced jawbone density who want a more stable tooth restoration option than dentures secured with adhesive or suction. All-On-Fours provide a strong base for dentures and bridges.

If you are interested in All-On-Fours, please contact us today with questions or to book a consultation with Dr. Razmjou at River Stone Dental!

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